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A story of freshness

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Meet kiyomi

Our Co- Founder Kiyomi Rollins is dedicated to loving on every coil while empowering the natural hair and skin care community to embrace the goodness of their kinks and skin.

From its humble beginnings at a mall kiosk back in 2008 and a handful of locations since, The Good Hair Shop has grown exponentially while still keeping its heart. From the moment you walk into the shop, your natural hair and skin is celebrated and loved upon. Every kink, coil, loc, teeny-weeny afro or bald head is cherished because here, “everybody has good hair.” We are a missioned-principled company that believes in educating and empowering our customers about exceptional hair and skincare that is also environmentally sustainable. Our shop is a safe place, a sacred space and a judgment free zone. The Afrocentric artwork on the walls, the music playing in the background and the images we play on the screen all work in sync to make you feel as cared for as your skin and curls will.

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